Pederobba, la Associazione la Criola chiude dopo tanti anni di attività in favore della cultura. Gian Berra salutato dai soci…

Pederobba, la associazione la criola, distrutta dalla ignoranza del popolo veneto di Pederobba. Gian berra

1998, Il campo della associazione culturale LA CRIOLA di Pederobba, Covolo di Piave – TV
Un pomeriggio al campo, una occasione di dipingere assieme ai pittori
della ass. cult. LA CRIOLA.
Solo uno tei tanti incontri fatti dal 1996 al 1999, al campo in via Guizzetta
a Covolo di Piave ( Treviso, Italy)

Il “campo della Criola” nacque attorno il 1996 con tutti i permessi in regola, con tanta gente che cercava libertà di pensiero e azione, con la creatività che cercava spazio.
Gian Berra e soci dell’associazione LA CRIOLA organizzarono decine di incontri:
Feste sociali e pittura all’aperto per adulti e bambini. Incontri di poesia New Age, incontri con l’istituto di psico sintesi di Padova, incontri con l’istituto Mediterraneo di Vicenza, Incontri musicali, Incontri di Yoga e ginnastica libera, corsi di pittura all’aperto, festa dell’equinozio di giugno, passeggiate sulle rive del Piave alla ricerca dell’anima della Natura, festa di Beltane e incontri liberi anche solo per stare assieme.

L’ass, cult, LA CRIOLA, aveva iniziato la sua attività nel 1991 e nel 1993 iniziò la sua attività creativa con i corsi pratici di pittura che durarono fino al 2005. in cui l’associazione terminò le sue attività. In tanti anni gli allievi dei corsi furono circa 800. Ha organizzato almeno 150 esposizioni di pittori nella nostra regione.

Ma nel 1999 il Campo della associazione culturale La Criola  dovette chiudere.
Ora mi sento vecchio, e conservo le energie rimaste dopo tanto lavorare per la gente. Ma mi dispiace osservare la povertà culturale che è rimasta. ma qualcosa abbiamo fatto tutti assieme per lasciare un piccolo segno di creatività.
Ho seminato un piccolo pugno di semi  assieme alle persone che mi hanno seguito per un po’.
Forse germoglieranno? Chi lo sa…

Gian Berra




A motorcycle for Gian Berra

A motorcycle for Gian Berra


I am leaving this house to another and from the trunks out old photos
claiming lives …
It was 1978 and already my paintings began to colonize the Veneto, Italy and
even a bit ‘of the world outside the borders of this country was still a
slave of the cockroaches of the tower.
A friend had realized my love for the soul of the Italians destroyed.
He sold me a cheap bike that has the flavor of autarchy and a bitter old
pride and a bit immature: A Military Superalce Guzzi motorcycle. a jewel for
me that was the true symbol of my hippie soul.
Long live the motorcycle racing. A bike that he did not know what to make of
his color, but I pointed the way without luxury or status symbol.
My bike was a skeleton that denounced the dreams of military madness like
smoke that hides more smoke. Money can not be used to buy souls.
And I was a God at least until I was in the saddle.
The crowds were hiding behind a God luxury living under the bell tower and
that it helped them make money, or who cared for their sins in return for a
bow devotee. They lowered themselves down his pants in front of God. A God
Now that I am tired and old and the bike is gone, those emotions I feed the
soul and make me smile at life.
Gian Berra.

My roots are important….gian berra

Stop for a moment…

creative hand of gian berra

creative hand of gian berra

gian berra  hippie in 1973.

gian berra hippie in 1973

gian berra in 1973!
My roots are important. These are the childhood experiences that form. Forget or pretend to be water under the bridge that is misleading. I care so much that I do I compare with them every moment. Return to your roots is how to get the strength, enthusiasm, willingness to grow as all the puppies of the human being. Mature without carrying the wonder of childhood is like dying. Nature is indifferent to the identity of the individual creatures. It affects the mass of life that replicates itself. So I think that intelligence is an event happened by chance, at least until it really will not be used for the benefit of each identity that you want to play live the life.

Gian Berra organize the first public exhibitions of his art in the late 70’s when the great leap of the art market has now been exhausted. The economic boom is now a memory and the reality of things requires a period of reflection really healthy. Listen to him:

“… It seemed that the illusion of aping the excesses of the international art market was worth more. The pictures without content were no longer taken into account. Even in the province’s” artists “who had ridden the fashion of the new rich form an image they realized that it was now a hangover it was over the ridiculous … ”

“… What could I offer with my art so naive, skinny,” timeless “, now taken for granted? Yet my inner fire begged me not to notice and to continue to dig behind the masks of those who live on illusions a successful end in itself. It was a tough choice, but only so I felt satisfied. In that time still did not speak of “roots” and the dark future on the horizon looked like a hopeless void.

I realized that it was so easy to let the memories showed me the path of my true identity. Why should the people who swarmed around me did not see the colors that I admired about me? I stopped to listen to the voices of the old walls, I was blessed to greet the stones of the bed of the Piave and watched kidnapped the chimneys were smoking from the rooftops. Every now and then fled riding my old Moto Guzzi 500 military and reaches the sea in Jesolo. The wind and the sun comforted me and made me dream with the enthusiasm of those who have forgotten the lesson of freedom that came from ’68. The great lesson of John Lennon singing the Hippy dream seemed forgotten. The party seemed over, the policy failed to distort the dream in violence and deception. The New Age had not yet arrived in Italy and minds were lost in that void. And glad of it.

But I wanted hard. Even then I was convinced that the wealth was inside each of us. was enough to pull it off. Do not you and no one gives when you find the street or is imposed on children as absolute truth … asks in exchange for your soul … ”

“… I had already decided: I turned the images felt my soul into concrete representations that everyone could see. Paintings, real forms, writings, poems, concepts and I would have adored me first. Instead of trying to create idols the road. ”


I was born in a day in November 1947 just after the war was over. A Segusino (TV) there were very few paved roads and telephones. Susa is a village in the hills, almost mountains. Those brave they went to work abroad, but the flight was started 100 years earlier when the artificial paradise of the Venetian Republic was wiped out. The United brought you more misery than before I was born and when poverty was the norm. The misery that the strict laws when it is associated with ignorance. Only the sentiments of humanity and infinite patience of the women who saved the soul of the countries oppressed by a sense of helplessness in the face of events. These are problems that afflict human beings, not Mother Nature. Susa was a fortunate and wonderful nature. but its inhabitants did not know. I spoke recently with the few remaining old and I had the good fortune to discover the reality hidden behind the fear of starvation. As each isolated from the world’s conflicts and hatred for things born from nothing, was enough to step on the field of a neighbor, stealing an apple to invoke hatred. The talk of the country were run by the perpetual and every favor was the result of submission to those who could put a good word. The tavern was the outburst of males and gossip a double edged sword of old ladies. The dialect of Susa was sharp and decisive as that of the mountain. The church was the place to see who came every Sunday to show himself. Who we were not aroused suspicions.

My nature will be enchanted by this timeless corner of Veneto. An optimism that led me into the human and physical landscape of those places. A Venetian who was struggling to throw out its roots. When he was sixty-eight, great time, already beginning to explore the surrounding world and the passion of painting became the main direction.

Representing the wonder for the world that was growing inside me does not pay, just like how all the passions. The mere fact of living it satisfies and makes you continue. The enthusiasm of youth to take me on a difficult road to manage. The artist works in themselves, but every moment the search box.

I soon learned that the reality is quite different. How strange the art market! Nor is the space to dream. But I set myself to do it my way, and the energy was great as the dreams.

The art gallery Martinazzo Montebelluna gave me a valuable hand in 1978 out of the shell. Then began the real number of exhibitions, largely self-managed.

My art was always optimistic and enthusiastic. I was interested in the outlet end in itself. A naive figurative and essential that time is filled with flashes of irony and smugness. NEO BAROQUE as a figurative call it love.

Just a dream, like the rare sculptures already begun to produce then. A pleasant discovery was the watercolor I have always had a hand quickly and spontaneously. I still enjoy, especially in small sizes.

But the game never ends: how to have fun without using the picture? Thus leaving no stone unturned defied the boundaries further and further began my artistic form of gambling.

The BAROQUE INFORMAL was already in my hands trying another form of expression. Sounds easy, but turned out to be a street full of new challenges. The concept that loses its immediate readability in favor of a proposal without thinking of suggestions: a call for the viewer to challenge his own feelings and see where it could go.

I thank my last (of time) friend and admirer Giancarlo Nadai that continues to give me suggestions and opinions. An artist who need it like bread.

Gian Berra, Spring 2007

Overview of 35 years of events:

From 1977 to 1980:

I organized two exhibitions in Treviso Ca ‘de rich and 4 years on permanent display at the gallery in Piazza del Val wheat. Due to the personal gallery Brotto Cornuda (TV). Two personal exhibitions at the gallery The Well of Castelfranco Veneto, Staff in Villach (Austria), Collective in San Diego (California, USA), staff at the gallery of Our Lady Bridge in Conegliano TV, the gallery staff Rasarda in Montecatini Terme, the beginning of collaboration with the Gallery Martinazzo Montebelluna. In 1978, expose for the first time in Treviso at the gallery “The Casket of Val.” It ‘an opportunity to know the “market” for my province. I was offered the opportunity to exhibit at the historic hall of Ca ‘de Ricci for two years in 1978 and 1979. I was presented a painter of great value in vogue in the city: BRUNO FAEL. I met him in his splendid study at Victoria Square and I was generous with advice from which to draw and the result of which I heartily thank him.

In 1980 I decided to open my new studio in Trento in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore. The year-long adventure in which guests in my study, a painter friend of exception: BRUNO DONADEL of Pieve di Soligo (TV). Staff Pejo (TN).

From 1981 to 1991:

Back in the studio of Covolo di Piave (TV) and organize the series of events that follow: Employees in Turin (International Art Centre), Personnel in Padua (gallery Semeghini), shown at “GIPSOTECA Canova” in Possagno along with Danilo Soligo (1984), continuously for two seasons at the gallery Bafile in Jesolo VE, for two seasons in the gallery Sartori stay in Lignano Sabbiadoro, in 1986 the series of exhibitions in New York: a personal Lanuvio and another in Genzano on Roman hills. An Art in Rome at Saletta. From 1987 to 1991 the series of summer exhibitions in response to the “Celebration of Unity”. All those summers around the Veneto, about 35 exhibitions in direct contact with people. In 1989, the adventure begins in Germany. Personal Dusseldorf, Braunschweig, Monaco and Wurzburg. Gian B-wandering points of the artists who have already encountered this: Luciano Buso, Danilo Soligo, Roberto Polanco, Ottorino Stefani mentioned in the bio page of this site.

From 1992 to 2005:

In 1989 he met Franco Carraro, the founder of Radio 5 range, and a free radio alternative that works in the Veneto and also played outside the region. It ‘an opportunity to work with the radio to spread the message creation. Gian Berra keeps you a broadcast on Sunday afternoon for some time: the title is “Between East and West”, themes of confrontation between two cultures meet.

In 1993 he began the adventure of PRACTICAL COURSE OF PAINTING I create as a way to interact with people who live near me. The aim is to gain experience of practical creativity to anyone who wants to try. Nearly a thousand people attended the course. Slow down with the personal but I do travel with European collectors in Paris, Prague, Metz (France), Liege (Belgium). I create the Cultural Association “cryolite” to help emerging artists shy of my land. Fund a “New Age Poetry Competition”, indicating a great feast of poetry every summer solstice. Poets who reward each other without expert critics. Arrange for eleven years at the City Hall Cornuda (TV) “a collective of Easter” in order to meet local and foreign artists. In 2005 I dedicate this exhibition will be the last to the artists closer to professionalism, but too shy to organize. Almost all of Valdobbiadene (TV). Outstanding artists with more experience and more years of practice: Sergio Bortolini, MIRELLA SOTGIU BEPI Mionetto and JOHN CARAMEL chart wonderful, shy and reserved in his country of Valdobbiadene was virtually ignored. I visited him and found him already very ill. It was an honor for me to propose an exhibition.

From 1995 to 1999 he attended a complete course of training in Psychosynthesis and the result is a diploma at the Center for Psychosynthesis Padova, even then already directed masterfully by Dr. Cynthia Ghidini. It ‘an opportunity to investigate the mental mechanisms that form and express the hidden power of creativity. The increased awareness of the potential hidden in every human being are within everyone’s reach: just past fears induced by an education which limits the courage so natural in children, more daring than what is obvious.

In the meantime, I write poems and stories begin with the first (see the darkened pages). For several years I have fun with painting INFORMAL BAROQUE which joins in perfect harmony with the figurative vein distinguishes me. There are only two languages that only require you to be there and have their say. Return home in 2003, now live and work away 38 boats always Covolo di Piave TV. In the meantime I found the time to do several conferences on the theme of “Fear, who is she?” The last one I held in November 2006 with a staff of my works very well managed at the Art Workshop in Conegliano TV. The friend Giancarlo Nadai I also organizes a permanent at the “King’s Bay Inn” on Refrontolo (TV), that too is a way of placing art in direct contact with people. I move less and now that the paintings to travel. In December 2006, finish my first novel: WASERE, dragon heart, about 200 pages, which I circulate among the closest friends waiting for a publication. The novel is set in 1906 in the village of Segusino (where I was born) and tells of a mysterious event actually happened in those mountains, magic and reality collide when the soul of the place awakens. But I’m already writing another of a completely different genre.

Gian Berra books are available on

Gian Berra

Chi ha perso la testa a PEDEROBBA e Covolo di Piave? Dove è l’osteria da Rafael?

 libro di Gian berra per ricordare l0osteria da Rafael a Pederobba Osteria da Rafael a Pederobba. Se la cerchi non la trovi più  Vuoi leggere la storia di un disastro ambientale, culturale, indecente e folle? Cerca sui link che seguono. Nessun abitante del mondo farebbe una tale scelta scellerata: distruggere un ricordo che è una radice sana di un popolo come quello veneto? Eppure è accaduto e nessuno lo ha notato. La follia dell’ignoranza e della mancanza di cultura ha dato i suoi frutti a Pederobba. Veneto, Italia, Italy

Osteria da rafael a Pederobba       Una volta c’era una vecchia osteria a Pederobba…..Era un piccolo tesoro che raccoglieva i ricordi e la vita della gente di Pederobba….Osteria da Rafael kaputt-
     Pederobba, osteria da Rafael, sembra che qualcosa la stia per cancellare da Pederobba.
      Nuda, abbandonata, esclusa dalla umanità, l’osteria da Rafael a Covolo di Piave sembra ormai dimenticata.
       Ecco che la distruzione inizia: kaputt per una radice veneta a Pederobba.
    Ultimi fuochi per la cultura veneta a pederobba.
       La catastrofe storica per la gente veneta a Pederobba, Covolo di Piave – Treviso
Distrutta per sempre la vecchia osteria da Rafal in via Barche a Pederobba ( Covolo di Piave). Un altro kaputt per le radic antiche della gente del Veneto.
La gente guarda stupita e non dice nulla: timida e paurosa, indolente e ignorante del fatto che le stanno rubando la sua anima.

Pederobba – Osteria Da Rafael – Gian Berra – 2010

libro di Gian berra per ricordare l0osteria da Rafael a Pederobba
     Pederobba, Covolo di Piave, 1988. Incontro di pittori della associazione culturale LA CRIOLA  al campo in via Guizzetta: Un ricordo di tanti anni dedicati da Gian Berra alla creatività.

Gian Berra 2012.

 Attenzione, fare attenzione…

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Buonissimo il formaggino che vendono al LIDL, tanti gusti adatti all’Artista. Ma mi sembra che i prezzi siano aumentati. però il mio sito riferito alla marca
di “gianberra” è sempre gratis:
Intanto i formaggini speziati del Lidl mi danno una mano a trovarte nuove soluzioni a superare la crisi della caseina di fabbricazione veneta:
Gian Berra 2012

Gian Berra a Segusino, mostra di pittura neobarocca


SEGUSINO, Caos Barocco, free book of Gian Berra. look for it in
Sabato 13 dicembre 2008, inaugurazione alle 17.30 della mostra di pittura di gian Berra presso la sala Zancaner in piazza Luciani aSegusino-
Gian Berra presenterà il suo nuovo romanzo “Wasere cuore di drago”, opera di fantasy barocco, ambientata 100 anni fa a segusino. Una realtà nostalgica con tanti legami con la vita di oggi. Il libro sarà disponibile in mostre, presso lo studio del maestro a Covolo di Piave, via barche 38-TV, tel 0423 688745. L’pera è disponibile in internet presso

 Segusino, Milies. Nanni della Mariianna. Un uomo saggio dimenticato da tutti ma non da Gian BerraNanni della Marianna a Milies di Segusino: uomo saggio dimenticato da tutti, ma non da Gian Berra

An image of the beautiful valley of the mills Segusino.
I took this picture in 2010, in the month of February a cold and clean, and adore spending a morning in the nature of a country that welcomed me when I was born in 1947.
Do not know why my soul brings with it the energy that animates her enthusiasm to live with such inspiration pictures of this enchanted corner of the earth.
I live this love easily.
I adore the gods of this land. I hear their voices and images that suit me.
I also watch the people who inhabit the places that caught my attention since, as a child wandering through the paths and roads that sawed the hills and villages of a little paradise.
Susa is a little paradise still quite healthy and strong tradition of his rough and pagan. The steeples and churches scattered hills before anyone else does not have canceled his ancestral force. Its ancient Nature gives us a timeless heritage.

Mazariol, il folletto di Segusino che tormenta  i bigotti e gli ignoranti…

Segusino, la stupenda valle dei mulini, regno di Pan
Una immagine della stupenda valle dei mulini a Segusino.
Ho scattato questa foto nel 2010, nel mese di un febbraio gelido e pulito, in una mattinata spesa ad adorare la natura di un paese che mi ha accolto alla mia nascita nel lontano 1947.
Non so perché la mia anima porti con sé l’energia che anima il suo entusiasmo di vivere con tale afflato le immagini di questo angolo di terra incantato.
Io vivo questo innamoramento con semplicità.
Adoro gli Dei di questa terra. Ascolto le loro voci e le immagini che mi donano.
Guardo anche la gente che abita i luoghi che hanno rapito la mia attenzione sin da quando, da bambino vagavo tra i sentieri e le strade che segavano i colli e le borgate di un piccolo paradiso.
Segusino è un piccolo paradiso ancora abbastanza integro e forte della sua tradizione di natura aspra e pagana. I campanili e le chiesette sparse trai colli non hanno cancellato la sua forza ancestrale che la sua natura antica porta come una eredità senza tempo.

Una imagen del hermoso valle de la Segusino molinos.
Esta foto la tomé en 2010, en el mes de febrero, una, el frío y limpio y adoro pasar una mañana en la naturaleza de un país que me acogió cuando yo nací en 1947.
No sé por qué mi alma trae consigo la energía que anima a su entusiasmo a vivir con imágenes tal inspiración de este rincón encantado de la tierra.
Yo vivo este amor fácilmente.
Adoro a los dioses de esta tierra. Oigo sus voces e imágenes que me conviene.
También ver a las personas que habitan en los lugares que me llamó la atención ya que, como un niño vagando por los caminos y carreteras que las aserradas montañas y pueblos de un pequeño paraíso.
Susa es un pequeño paraíso aún bastante sano y fuerte tradición de su áspera y pagano. Los campanarios e iglesias dispersas colinas antes que nadie no se han cancelado su fuerza ancestral. Su antigua naturaleza nos da una herencia eterna.

Uma imagem do belo vale do Segusino usinas.
Tirei esta foto em 2010, no mês de fevereiro, um frio e limpo e adoro passar uma manhã na natureza de um país que me acolheu quando eu nasci em 1947.
Não sei por que minha alma traz consigo a energia que anima o seu entusiasmo para viver com tal inspiração imagens deste canto encantado da terra.
Eu vivo esse amor facilmente.
Eu adoro os deuses desta terra. Eu ouço as suas vozes e imagens que se adequam a mim.
Eu também assistir as pessoas que habitam os lugares que me chamou a atenção uma vez que, quando criança percorrendo os caminhos e estradas que serradas os montes e aldeias de um pequeno paraíso.
Susa é um pequeno paraíso ainda é bastante saudável e forte tradição de sua rude e pagão. As torres e igrejas espalhadas colinas antes que alguém não ter cancelado a sua força ancestral. Sua Natureza antigo dá-nos uma herança eterna.


SEGUSINO 1906, cosa succede alle WASERE?

sEGUSINO, siamo nel 1906, alle Wasere, sopra quella costa di monte dove la magia si risveglia e scuote un paese da troppo tempo addormentato. Nessuno si aspetta quel grande disastro che sarà la grande guerra. Ma c’è una occasione di salvezza: per chi saprà ascoltare le voci della Natura forse c’è una via di fuga…
E’ il nuovo romanzo di Gian Berra pubblicato su LULU,  OPERE di Gian Berra