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Milies( Segusino, Treviso – Italy 50 years ago…

Dominique Lefebre, Paris, 2005

Informal Baroque Gian Berra: Zen West?
Article by Frank Helker. Published by “New European art, Hambug-D. 2006
Among the artists who travel the Internet makes its way Gian Berra with various news and events that you can not help but notice. I personally saw some of his works at a collector of Dusseldorf. Came directly from the artist’s studio in Italy. I am surprised by the freshness and value of international level. Although she uses a term highly intriguing as informal BAROQUE is no doubt that Gian Berra has reopened a door that we thought were closed forever. Modern art is born after contact with alternative values proposed by the native peoples. The West has nurtured them and their values have collapsed in the face of naturalness. But few have understood the message deep and full of spontaneous values that we have been offered. Perhaps because they were stolen values. That’s also the informal “traditional” radiates loss and reaction to what is shown as absolute reality. E ‘Western art that interprets its impotence. But here comes Gian Berra and offers a truly new perspective, and in the apparent chaos that lurks a probability of “new” life. Choice smiling self and not at all complacent. The art of Gian Berra lives independently in her enthusiasm even without consent. But want to show. Like any natural manifestation of living knows its own power.
Baroque informally as a Western Zen who rediscovers the doubt, but also to ride it. It contains knows she needs the energy. The irony and the ability to self-deceive themselves without really believing it.
But living this moment with enthusiasm as any vital signs. I’ve never seen so daring in contemporary art. How did Gian Berra?
Has always lived in the countryside of the Veneto in Italy. He has traveled widely in Germany in the 70 and 80, but then he always came home. Gian Berra as each artist is tied to the energy received in childhood. A childhood almost pagan in the mountains of Veneto. Perhaps from that land has been the tone of primordial energy that his pictures give.
Frank Helker. Hamburg 2006

Venezia, gian berra

Venezia come cloaca delle idee e dei desideri.

A dunghill in Venice

Venice as a manure pit where they ferment of ideas.
The Baroque is like the end of time, Venice is like an image frozen in time, and allows to observe the memories and impressions as if they were eternal and with the possibility to observe a timeless.
This situation allows us to live the moment in a concrete island but unreal.
A baroque-looking island with an apparent specificity of decay (fermentation slow dissolution in key baroque … or ironic and joyous at the same time. Emotions of derision and amazement that explodes in the security of a breakup that becomes the game.
The game of death for fun and laugh at the same time, the ritual of living, alone or in groups, with irony that escapes the moment, but a moment at the same time continues to exist in the symbol of Venice.
Venice as a treasure chest, totem. Expression of a civilization that has reached its death and yet knowingly accepting her holiday dress. Venice mocks itself and does so for 300 years. Venice has been dead for so long, and continues to attract the minds that feel themselves to know the charm of awareness of being alive and yet dead absolute.
Baroque denies the absolute and lives in the party’s being relative. Baroque shows himself as it is and how it looks. Can not deceive us with ideas and concepts. Baroque admires himself and at the same time mocks himself and mocks those who believe in himself absolute.
Baroque creates endless forms and invites everyone to invent others. So the truth is destroyed only and are offered a thousand truths.
Baroque gives no security. Escapes the baroque patterns and for this reason is a luxury.
Only companies that have achieved freedom from basic needs come to the Baroque representation of their dreams. Advanced societies are reaching the tipping point: from that moment begin to laugh or to mock their beliefs. This is a dangerous time: few people are willing to live without illusions absolute, few civilizations can survive without the danger of being invaded by ideas of others without being prepared for defense.
Civilization couple must prove to be.
This is the lesson of history, and is a lesson that lasts forever.
This is the lesson of Venice.
Venice as a dunghill in fermentation, as a precious symbol that constantly reminds its function as a cesspool of big ideas.

Venice as a cesspool of ideas and desires.



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