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Gian Berra:… biography.


Gian Berra is born 60 years ago in lands of Venice.Gian from young person breathes the last decadent air of that earth and tastes the savour of that paradise of ingenuous dreamers.But the truth of every day is not enough.Gian Berra wants to discover the veil that from thousand years it has protect its people.Hour they remain only nostalgia of a time already died.The wind, the earth and the water whisper it emotions that people do not know to carry themselves within.Arrived is the moment to pull them outside from the dark and representing them.Gian Berra  begins 35 years ago the difficult profession of the artist.Numerous they are the exposures, also to the foreign country that show its works.It loves to be in deep company and an association in order to collect many friends who wish to make art.Dedication to the instruction creating itself one practical painting school:in 14 years it collects approximately 900 participants and it thinks to have made a good step in order to diffuse the joy to paint together and to taste that that it has been made.

Gian Berra loves to write poetries and tests.It proposes a poetry circle New Age and for some year it celebrates in they summer company the solstice. Then it begins to write storys and soon he will introduce its first novel acclimatized in the heroic times of its infancy.

In the meantime Gian Berra it plows back with a new language the joyful forfeiture of Venice.

It is a forfeiture that fascinates all the world. That one is by now lost an ancient dream. The truth expects very other things.  

Gian Berra invents the Informal Baroque.A bridge directed between luxury and the delirium with which he it today lives its dreams of flight glided down on the truth, carrying itself behind a full bag of enthusiasm for the spell of the wonderful technology that allows us to have many comforts.

The baroque is the rediscovery one of the optimism and the horizons that they wait for to us beyond the present moment.They are  satisfied curls to exist and to show themselves.They do not expect null:to they enough to exist for a moment of life.

Gian Berra.




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