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It was 1980 when Gian Berra met the old teacher Emilio Vedova in the ancient rooms of the Academy of Belle Arti of Venice. It was too much not one August heat when that bashful and taciturn teacher attracted me that a po was held removed by everybody. I was nearby him and I greeted him waking up again you give him on the thoughts. It seemed distracted. But it was only a pretense. For him the real world was only a hindrance to observe. This way it observed me that I turned him the word as a something from extended indagare.Mi the hand as to test the air. Then without speaking it looked me in the eyes.
Thin and a rigid po used its elegance as a necessary support. It brought suspended to the neck the glasses, tied up with a ribbon of black velvet. It exhorted me to speak, to express me.
Few words of presentation and I asked him of his/her job.
He spoke few and it checked every instant his thoughts. When I looked for a po of confidence it lost him in vague questions looking for new thoughts. You saw well that was tired to discuss of art, hewould have preferred there perhaps we were found down to the cafe of forehead.
I remembered one photo of his of the postwar period: it withdrew him young and well put, with of the beautiful hair and the dark beard that it framed that dreamy face. Now the age misted its figure but it did him with big respect.
In that diaphanous painting of his and from the signs without color its dream was. Free gestures that asked only to fly without standstill inside the idea that had ever wanted to contain in a recognizable form. A form dark sort of feelings without sure beaches.
And it held her secret that form, clear in the fear to ruin her/it. To appear too much to the others. But also to itself same.
An old teacher painter of Montebelluna (TV) it told me that in the thirties he met him every day when it went to study to the academy of Belle Arti to Venice. He didn’t have the money to frequent it, but they welcomed him the same. Held indeed us to make that school!
Emilio Vedova has now gone. As Totems stay out of the time its works, witnesses of a dream that know so much of hope and of game. A game that attracts all the sensitive people to what doesn’t have a defined identity.
Life manifests himself to so many mysterious levels and Emilio Vedova has done better than his to explore them.
 November 2006, Gian Berra


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