Passive visualization… or nearly.

totem by gian berra


Passive visualization… or nearly.


Before the time that I made it was several years ago.  And it came to me natural without that nobody me had taught.  Then time after I read it in a buddhist text:  I had not invented null of new.

Evidently to a sure level of experience the things are repeated, as taken from a common container to disposition of all those who not only try with a pizzico of courage within that hidden container (hidden) and free that collects every experience made from the human monkeys and.

Of sure I was trained to make similar experiences.  Memory that the cause was a great confusion of spiteful thoughts that turned to me in head.  And I had wants to sleep.  Like making to make them tacere

Easy to dirsi.  But that one gaggle of beings restless was here within of me and all expected attention.  I consider the thoughts “alive and aware beings” to all the effects.

Every thought has the sacrosant straight to exist.  It has one its identity, personality, desires, emotions, body, scopes etc.

For more it is within than me;  indeed he is same me.  It makes part of me.

It would be illusion to want to destroy it, to eliminate or to throw via.

And then there is the problem that I cannot cancel it.  My brain (I do not know as it is that one of the others) remembers all.  There is who is convinced to have planned just the brain, and even than to be able to leave from zero.  Made happy he.  That that thinks than to have cancelled and within a hidden drawer… and from even only acts them without is made to see.

That ugly thing is made to condition from that we do not know it is hidden within a drawer… within of we.  We do not see it for nothing.  We swear that not there is.

And it makes pranks of we.  That ugly figure!

E’ like is constructed a fencing to us round and not to see it.  Sluices within a cage thinking that not there is, since we do not see it.

I know people that gives that private cage cry out to the world its anger thinking itself free.  Perhaps it has been dive from child, or perhaps from large.  The fact remains that hour does not succeed to get rid, and as a dog legacy to a chain urla to the world its uneasiness.  A warden of same himself.

The practical one of the shamanesim creative is old as the world.  But it needs of creative consciences.  And the creative power is gratis to disposition of all.  Enough to take it to every angle of road and to use it.

In practical draft to go itself to open all the possible hidden drawers.  Sure it is not easy as to complain itself of the evil that the others make we same or to the world.  The drawers to open are those mine, and contain all the things that are deceived to me to record once for all.  Period.

That that it not ago follows for R- thinks it therefore.  A lot is worth that jets these notes in the basket and not us tasks more.  Better:  formatti all.

Or make high urla angry towards the infinite, having already decided its reasons once for all.


But as usual digrass, it is of sure because of other spiteful thoughts and you adorned to you that however they have all the right to express itself.  Small Gods.


The passive visualization in practical.


The meant one of “visualization” is discounted.  All know which it is.  But because “passive”?

It is Passive  because its conduction is not guided from the alert conscience.  That is it is not the wonderful Ego which we have to lead the game.  And here null end of new:  memory an old text of Yoga that I read in years ‘ 60, from adolescent, that it indicated the same thing.  Only that in that case the Ego was seen like an obstacle and had starsene here good, nearly addormentato to learn which lesson goodness knows.  Infuences monotheists within the India philosophy  In that Chinese and Japanese however they did not exist.  But also in the native cultures concepts of Sense of Guilt exist, are an instrument of old power like the human monkeys.


In the Passive Visualization to which I refer the wonderful Ego does not lead the game.  But it observes alert every thing ago and experience of that it meets.

It does not act for null.  Not ago nothing other that to observe.

It cannot react to null of that it meets:  neither emotions, of judgments, neither memories, neither reactions etc.

In this case chip ax to be only an observer.  The a priori chip ax, in contrary case the game is not worth.  E’ a heavy game.  And it goes made as a game.  A game that it begins from the emotions of the moment, but that they come set aside for the duration of the game.

Then to the end of all us it can also be vented if it is thought necessary.  Also the Ego has its rights.  For Giove!


The passive visualization can be made wherever and in every condition and for the scopes several.  But however it is better to possibly make it in a protect, silent place and in one relaxed position and without too much light.  With practical the sure conditions they are not therefore necessary.  But for who it begins is best to be comfortable.


One more egoistic scope and to make it… in order to take sleep.  I know that he is banal, but to times it serves.  Then if the courage is had to continue every scope it is valid:


I put myself relaxed on the sofa.  They are to my comfort.  I even have in head the bills to pay tomorrow, and the moneies not are just all.  Then there is the shot with an arrow insolent person of the head clerk or the unpleasant colleague.  And I have eaten heavy food.  And it complains of the sons;  the fact that today piove and waited for the sun.  For more there is the full moon and sure thoughts come me…


I do not send via these thoughts.  They are part of me and they have the right is made to feel.

I try to feel my body and its feelings:  Its weight on the divano, the air whose they are immersed, vague the echoes of the noises that I perceive.  I am my body:  it is obvious.

I have the eyes sluices in forced way a po’ in principle.  Also those then relaxed.  The mind is however a chaos of tensions that they want to have won it.  Each of them to way its.  I do not place particular attention to each one of they, but I do not place some obstacle to nobody.

I accept this confusion therefore com’ is.  I within a small chaos Of i, everyone of i which has reasons to sell.  I leave all free ones to say that to them that they have necessity to express.  E’ in their right.


My aware part observes that confusion.  A cacophony of voices and impressions to which I assist from spectator.  One watching that it observes all without to let to be involved.  It seems impossible

For nothing.  Enough to allow to ours aware I, in that moment, to accept the language of the brain:Not concepts but images.

In fact the concepts that we have in head are composed from hidden images.  The brain works for images that contain other images.

While the computer with which I write works for negations and affirmations:  it will make hard work to become intelligent.  Less a computer is not invented that functions for images (hologram).  But it seems that one is already in order to invent of one…


We work for images-hologram .  Not only images therefore!  But hologram.  The hologram it is an image that contain all the other images in himself like connection and “seed”.

That wants to say that if I take from my brain a single image, and I make it to little pieces, then I collect one of these pieces and I observe it he will show me the entire image (before breaking off itself).  Even with little resolution, but it will be however entire.

But not only!  Observing that piece better I can see also all nearly (or) the images that I have in the brain.  That is I will be able to observe also in that partial piece my character “.

Magic  It is not alone truth.  Hidden, but real truth.


Therefore in order to go ahead in the passive visualization we would have to transform those small Gods  spiteful that are our thoughts… in images.  And you can star sure that they will make one great resistance.  They will make of all in order being does not reveal to you.  That is to be rendered recognizable like images.

The reason is that have been we educate from generations (we to you western) to omit the image for the concept of it.  A power that we have lost.  But that it is hour to resume to us.  We are ready to ridiventare Idolater?

The word makes nearly fear, or nearly.  It seems an insult.

We have been accustoms to you to fill up the head to us of reasonable concepts.  But we do not know which images represent.  Parasitic mental tensions taken like obvious.  Until we remain here we are within one cage.


Like it is made giving one image to the chaotic thoughts

The error is to think to us on.  E’ like trying of the concepts from which constructing images.  That mistake!

We make the quality jump!  Let go that is the spiteful thoughts to reveal the own image, any it is!

We are not perhaps hour passes to you like conscience

Every thought parasite is clever.  Like same we however.  Extension as we want to see it.  That is mask (but the Ego is not made it perhaps also).

We can fregare every spiteful thought let go to take to whichever image he every decides to show to us.  All it goes well.

Let go it free!

And it let go to us free.

He could “be” all that that wishes.  In bottom he does not try other.


He works.  Easy to say it to written words.  Above all if the procedure goes made with all the present thoughts in that moment.

The difficulty is always the same one:  to control the process.  The Ego has fear to mistake something, not to do good the accounts.  Also this is a spiteful thought.  And to who it imports if we do not do good the things  We are only watching of whom he happens.

He goes as he goes.  For Giove!


We place ourselves like image to the center of that chaos that begins to color itself and to become rich of spontaneous vital shapes.

And we fix the objective that there are proposals.  I had proposed myself to take sleep, not to think more to null.  One zone to the horizon, buia and empty.  A ologramma made of nothing, of dark calm.

But it is only an example.


The others holograms do not leave me of sure in peace.  Here it is issue to make practical.  The evoked chaotic images will make of all for to look away from my objective.  And they will win every time that I will observe to them with attention, captured from their emotional content.


I will lose however if I will deny and try to them to avoid them.  It is like if you tried to drive away one annoying fly.  E’ just that that it wants.  Even if draft only of one virtual fly.

They come to me  They excite to me or they scare me O.K.  while I leave them to make with the attention my scope.  I perceive every thing and I indicate the road.  And alive every thing from observer… indicating the road.


Then the morning is waked up me after indeed in shape.  And the bills I have paid them all.  And the others spiteful Gods ? They were all here alive and vital..  But now I had learned (in part) to see them also like images.  Not those that I had made (concepts) but but like that they I was in truth.  Those that wished to show me of same himself.  Hour free to make it.  It seems to you little


To this point they were indeed becomes Gods with the own image.  True Idols.


Gian Berra.




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