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The new frontier of the art proposed from Gian Berra




First part




When in the 1500 Jesuits, astonished to the sight of the monuments Aztecs, Mayan, Incas and of the other civilizations bloomed in “the hardly discovered” America thought to carry in such Europe pride in the expression of himself and to use such style “they pay” for exalt the catholic church.


The it Counter-Reformation. had been eaten and digested great part of the expectations of creative innovations.


But it served a pride action in order to show the largeness and the munificence of the Vatican, and its right to represent the power and the splendour of the universal only God that had created all.


 therefore in the Rome then the Baroque style. One profusion of full richness of himself. A overabundant outbreak of precious ritt that gushed pingue and like puttos divine. Puttos rose-colored knots and like piglets,


Born then the divine delirium of the factory of S: Peter and all the other churches of Rome that still prevail. The new style made proselytes in all Europe. At least that catholic. But  it make curious yhat also the lay part of the continent.


In bottom indeed explosive style was one. And very soon its interpretation was increased.


Who has not seen the customs of the age of the King Sun (a name that indeed all says to it…) and its royal palace? All he came exaggerated. And not there were more limits to the fantasy. To Rome and Madrid it was only dressed to us of black. In France and the other European courts the wonderful Ego celebrated the variety and the fantasy and enjoy of expose oneself and to represent itself without fear. In the houses of the rich bourgeois pictures were expected on measure for the private spaces: natures opulent dead women, rose-colored and appetizing erotic knots, bucolic scenes of wild nature, portraits proud of himself…




The art is expression of that it is within. And’ to put in extension same himself for being able therefore to admire, to see himself, to be confronted. And’ the visible frame, realizes of the new illuminist thought that will not be late to manifest itself brave and dared.


The Baroque will continue its evolution transforming itself in Rococo, shape of a mature, precious and more reflecting baroque. Sometimes more refined, sometimes more superficial. As the truth of the times dumb with the new ideas always happens when that they expect to become truth, a world dies in order to leave the place to an other.




The baroque succeeds to transform the sadness of the change (is always a shape of died…) in an age of thin intimacy that never becomes desperation. Even if some time expresses an escape beyond the truth. However an escape chosen, never endured.


Mozart and its divine music is the example of these “last fires”.




Then the things change. The wake up conscience of Europe takes fear. Ritt the expedient on same himself. It is turned to the past, to the ancient Rome. A barren and cold Classicism frosts the continent and the Romanticism deceives the consciences that the emotions are absolute. Like God.


From then the Baroque dissolve. But not to disappear.


They will be once again the people of the east to save Europe, but they will have to pass some years…




For hour enough. And I turn myself to the today:


Who of is itself shrewd? We are in full Neo-baroque age!


The architects call it Post-modern style, but he is only because they have shame to call it Neo-baroque.


The shapes of the buildings become to read and imaginative, also maintaining one modern (and little expensive) rationality. They resume oldi reasons and they from each other stir them without fear. Practical materials are used us like the plastic and the aluminium or the stainless steel.


Biological” shapes like walls are proposed “irregular curves and…


And a chair is not more only an accessory, but protagonist becomes one.


The conscience of the world evolve in unusual way, but does not have pauses.


The art reveals it.


Also my painting of relive. Since of relive I. Therefore new ideas expect to become truth; in my case they will become pictures. Pictures neo-baroc, totally () faces to laugh of same himself and to rejoice to exist.


And without more the old outlines. One small died creates new innumerable screw.




Extension to May 2006 (than spring!) the New Baroc of Gian Berra.




Soon Gian.



















Gian Berra: a native earth artist veneta.




Every earth from the own fruits. They are its sons. Feed of it, they breathe its air and they drink its water. The life sprouts and it does not ask that for living.


Not there are of because. The manifest life with unexpected and unforeseeable creative potentialities. And the artist is the Jolly that every time mix up the papers and proposes infinite never expectable possibilities.


Gian Berra celebrates its today first 35 painting years. `An artist to full time that gives young person has turned a world little and then she is returned to breathe the air of house with a series of experiences that has allowed it to confront many human situations.


Gian Berra is an artist perennially in contact with that it lives. They fascinate the own identities hidden in the similar ones. They hide their better sides behind appearances; behaviours that reveal in continuous the wealth of everyone. The artist sees this wealth and she renders it evident to all.


The nature that is round, than feeds to us but that also it puts us to the test, it is full of special signs and languages that are therefore easy to collect. Gian famous Berra tones of light, shapes, personages and with free emotion renders them realizes. From a shape to the language of the life.


The sensibility to the essence of the other consciences is a special gift, but uncomfortable.


The artist alive its role with spite. He sees, feels one increased truth. Trouble because others do not notice it. And he cannot any make less. That one is its role. And’ the only way for being totally same himself. And’ its uncomfortable treasure.


The life with infinite enthusiasm lives: the life is too much beautiful, wonderful, faceted like one gem. How to turn the look elsewhere?


Gian Berra alive the emotion of living. And it would want, from true egoist, than also all the others made it. From this point of view a large one is deceived, but its pictures speak also to all those that to the wonder for the life, did not think more to us.




35 years of artistic activity.




How many extensions in 35 years! Gian Berra is a self-taught, even if in 1980 it has attended for little an Academy of Fine Arts of Venice.


But because you had gone to us?


– It was in order to see what was made here. I from years already painted, but the curiosity had come me to see, to feel. They are a great onlooker by nature. I spoke with Emilio Vedova who taught in that school. I remained disappointed of that atmosphere. And I returned some to me in hill.


– And the extensions?


– I have begun when the boom of the art already was ended. To half of 70 years’ great part of the market was ended. Nobody to which turning me for a council. Therefore I invented myself all. Self-taught until in bottom. He was enough to me to be able living free “to make art” and not to possibly make debits. And when I felt disconsolate me of I went to take a walk on gravels of the Piave.


Of extensions Gian Berra of it it has organized indeed many. Nearly always you space publics or places also makeshift. Until in 1990 it the idea comes to try to collect friends around to himself. I found the Cultural Association the Criola with the scope to create a group of sensitive persons to the art. With to they it organizes collective extensions.


In the 1993 nozzle a “practical painting Course” turned to all those that feel to try the magic of painting. And’ a big success. But also a great responsibility that tired, but fills up of satisfaction.




     – Today we are in 1996, like goes the course?


– This year they are taken one pause to me, little of breath in order to think next to new things.


– And the budget of 14 years of course?


– I have tried to count the persons “students” of the course, and would have to be at least 900. Nearly me it does not seem possible…


– And the “new things”?


– I am entering in one new phase of my life. For who it lives the art is an inner requirement to always act with spontaneity. To listen to the just inner one and to follow the intuition. They are feelings, emotions that try new ways with which playing to the life. I feel of having to elaborate a new pictorial language. One technical alternative to which already I operate. Always they have been a “expressionist to the veneta”. A rural, romantic, archaic atmosphere dreamer. But however very it lives still… But ten years ago I began to come down more in depth. I let to go to a more informal style, a search that I have held for me. Up to now I have not never exposed these jobs.


– Desires to change style?


– Not indeed. But I feel that these jobs are mature for being proposals to the public in alternative to the others. Simply I leave that a hidden part of me is revealed. It will be this depth to say its. And I free it lascerò to play.


– Has a name this pictorial sub personality?


– Of sure it has a name, mine. They are always I, that hour I only reveal it to outside of me. One painting without shape. Not directly readable. A message from that it is hidden within the intimate essence of everyone. Expressed with a leggibile language only with feelings and emotions. Like it is made from children.


– A language of the Archetypes?


Perhaps – I have no idea…, something deeper anchor… the Archetypes has need of a shape fixed or, but nearly readable in every culture. To one be primordial not there are not even the images.


– Then you propose an informal one?


– Something more. We live in a civilization that continuously reinvent same himself even if seems has one fixed outline. We live in perennial “forfeiture”; but every forfeiture is in reality is one rebirth. And we know all to it. To the end of 1700 it was the same thing and the baroque style of is the test. Baroque means to put a pleased ritt to just the change. Living with taste the own no-permanence.


– A “informal baroque”?

– Bravo! Here the name: Informal Baroque of Gian Berra.




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